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Top 5 tips indie music artists should follow when building their brand online

Building a brand is the single most important skill a music artist, indie label or band should learn if they intend to promote their works to a larger audience. Thanks to the internet, and the growing popularity of social media, artist branding is much less complicated than it was… say maybe 10 years ago.

your brandRegardless of the type of artist you may be, we all need to understand the importance of branding to stand out from the crowd. To do that, we must take lessons from the corporate brands and recognize how we connect and promote online is a direct reflection of how others see our own brands.

If independent artists are a truly in the game as free agents and ballers, then it’s time we started playing like it.

So here is my top 5 list of things to get you pointed in the right direction.


Be ready to be in for the long haul. It takes years to build a solid reputation as a recognized and successful brand. The branding process itself isn’t complicated, but it will require patience and perseverance to effectively accomplish your goals. You have to be unyielding and persistence in your efforts every day. If you are not up to the task, know that many of your competitors will be, and more than willing to pass you by.

Why Should Indie Bands Use Social Networks For Marketing?

plugolaprofileIndependent bands and unsigned bands need the most exposure as possible to gain a following, which comes with a dominant online presence.

How do I get my band’s Web site links on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines?

Create profile on solidified social networks and start-up social networks, but make sure to use your band’s name in the URL name (

Why should I use other sites, besides the major ones that are known like Myspace and Facebook?

How Do I Advertise My Freelance Business?

urlProfessionals can not take the challenge of generating a new freelance business on too lightly. Creating a freelance business is exactly that, a “business.”

Overseeing the expansion of your business name is not as hard as you think. Marketing your name has become interactive and the internet is a great place to launch your presence.

The first thing your business should invest in is a company Web site. Producing a link to associate your name to is the best move you can do right off-the-bat.

I recommend that you create a site, because you can control the content on the site and the appearance. There are no terms or regulations that your business is subjected to. Also, you can be sure that your site is utilizing search engine optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Needs To Be Employed By Indie Artists

domainpicIndependent artists need to purchase their own Web site domain name. This is imperative for indie artists, because the link to their site is what they need to employ in order to utilize search engine optimization.

For example, their Web site link needs to be posted on other Web sites, forums, blogs and message boards. Basically, this is similar to posting flyers all over the cities where they are playing shows. Every flyer seen and picked up is another potential fan that the band attracts.

By applying this method, indie artists are strengthening their page rank status, according to search engines. The artist’s Web site is more likely to be on the first page of searches when a person types in the artist’s name in a search engine such as Google, or Yahoo.

The site’s content needs to be designed with keywords, so search engine crawlers can efficiently index the site. Of course, more occurs behind the scenes when designing a site to utilize SEO.

An important fact that artists need to realize is that they are free to manage the content that is applied to their site such as: updates, the design and the merchandise being sold. The content is regulated by their own standards, period.

Independent Artists Need to Utilize “Dot Com’s” For Online Marketing


Online marketing has become the superb way for independent artists to get their name known around the world. The most popular way, which is setting up profiles on social networks, is also a negative way to fund an indie project.

What is the best way for indie artists to market themselves online? Create their own “Dot Com.” Indie artists have the freedom to do whatever they want on their “Dot Com’s.”

The artists do not understand that social networks they sign up on are just for marketing purposes. Everything they create on their profiles is regulated and are based on corporate standards.

For instance, a Myspace profile can only be setup under the standards of News Corp. News Corp. has the ability to delete any profile that does not meet their regulations. All the time and effort that an indie artist/band puts into a profile can be removed based on their rules.

What are other advantages of owning a web site?

Advertising. Why not try to get advertising, or sponsors for your own web site? Just think about who gets the advertising money for the time and effort a band spent on completing a social network page. This type of move should especially be made for bands who receive many hits on Myspace and Facebook.