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NASA Gives Musicians The Chance To Rock Outer Space

astronaut“Ground control to Major Tom / Ground control to Major Tom: / Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…”

Bet you didn’t know, all the times you were singing along to “Space Oddity” in the shower, that ground control actually does sing to its astronauts. And now you can, too! It’s true, in a bizarre twist of inter-galactic vibrations, NASA is offering musicians the chance to make music for astronauts. Here’s the deal:

There’s a tradition at NASA – called the Wakeup Song – of playing music to start the astronauts’ day on space missions. It’s been going on ever since the Apollo program in the sixties, when the folks at mission control sang songs to the astronauts returning from the moon landing.

Now that the final missions of the space shuttle program are coming up (one in November and one in February), NASA’s giving indie artists the chance to submit original songs to be played to wake up the astronauts on their last space adventures.

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Launch Your Music Career With A Great Summer Song

hotchickThe first time I heard Katy Perry’s summer hit, “California Girls,” I could only think one thing: a blind baboon on a Blackberry could write a better song than this.

So do it!

If there’s ever a time for a wannabe band to break out, it’s at the beginning of summer, with a fantastic summer song. And sure, it’s a bit of a gimmick, but of all the gimmicky song types, it’s the least incriminating.

The other great thing about summer songs? They’re incredibly easy to write! Music critic Peter Robinson hit the nail on the head when he said that musical tastes relax over the summer. “People stop trying to cover up the fact that they like simple pop music,” he explains. “Pretending you don’t like music with a very catchy tune is tiring, so people take the summer off.”

In fact, there’s a pretty simple recipe for cooking up a summer hit. If you’ve already figured out how to write a song, here’s all you need to do:

Use Your Words

beach volleyballIt’s not a must for summer songwriting, but it sure helps to talk about summer-y themes, and use summer-y words in your song. For example, try writing about:

Indie Songwriters: Established Yourself Using MusikPitch offers  a new online marketplace for custom songwriting. The Nashville, Tenn. startup gives songwriters a market for their songwriting and music-making talents, and serves as a resource for clients searching for music to use on their next projects.

Based on the success of other crowdsourcing sites like 99Designs, the MusikPitch process is straightforward. Clients state exactly what type of song they need and how much they are willing to pay.

Internet Songwriting

EmailBefore the days of internet – becoming a successful songwriter depended on a whole different set of factors. For example, as a non-performing songwriter, you would have needed to go out and find an artist or band willing to record your song, or have a music publisher get a cover for you.

As a performing artist, you would at least have had a vehicle for your songs subject of course to whether you or your band had a record deal.

A great deal of the “ifs and buts” of success would have depended not just on the commercial potential of your song, but on who was out there promoting for you, and how much marketing power your music publisher or record company (if you were an artist), had. Of course, much of that still applies today. So why has the internet had such an enormous impact on song writing, commercial recordings and tons of other commodities? I can tell you. Two things: digital, and distribution.

Who Else Wants to Get Screwed When Signing a Recording or Songwriting Deal?!?!

songwritingYou’ve got your recording (or songwriting) contract in hand and everything’s coming up roses, right? You get your check, finally, but it’s not quite what you expected. If you sign not knowing what’s owed you then you might be shorted some well-deserved income. So make sure that anything you sign contains a statement to the following areas (preferably in your favor):

Performing Rights – this means you get a chunk of the change when your songs are played over the radio, television, Internet and at some public venues like concerts and such. And who keeps tabs on this? Check out ASCAP-, SESAC- and BMI-