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Getting Lost in Costa Rica with the Roses and the Waves – Melanie Edwards Returns with Her Sixth Studio Album

Nine months after the release of Back to Basics, NYC-based musical scientist Melanie Edwards returns with her sixth album, entitled Las Rosas. Recorded over February and March of this year in San Ramon, Costa Rica, Las Rosas uses ambient sounds of the Costa Rican jungle as a backdrop. Edwards has the habit of choosing new production locations with every album she makes (the previous one, Back to Basics, had her recording in the woods in Finland), but Las Rosas seems to take the immersion further—the animals, ocean waves, and thunder actually play on this record. Shortly after her return to New York City,  I spoke to Melanie about Costa Rica, her new album, and perfectionism in the studio.

Singer Songwriter Melanie Edwards

You recorded your newest album, Las Rosas, in Costa Rica and used a lot of nature’s ambient sounds. How did the location fit in with what you wanted to create and express here? How did the ambient sounds fit in?

Cloud Cult Set to Release EP, Studio Album in August

CloudCultEpOn April 20th, 2010 Cloud Cult will be releasing a new EP – Running With the Wolves – to coincide with Earth Day. The 4 song digital EP includes one new song “Running With the Wolves” that will appear on the new studio album the band has been busy working on the past few months.

Set for a mid-August release – Light Chasers – is the band’s first new full-length studio album since Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) which was released in April of 2008.

The Running With the Wolves EP will give fans and friends a little taste of what’s to come on the upcoming album and it also marks the return for Cloud Cult from their longest break from touring as well as the longest span between full-length releases – more than 2 years!