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Creating the Perfect Pitch – Sound Advice by Airel Publicity

BlankPaperBranding yourself both online and offline will really set up this coming year to be a break through one for your musical career.

To do this you must start with the most fundamental aspect of you as an artist: Your Pitch!

Two things happened recently to inspire this article.

Scenario #1: I was out at the Mercury Lounge seeing music and between bands I was standing at the bar talking to some friends and someone handed me a show flyer. I was taken with him immediately, I always appreciate anyone who is self -promoting because its not easy to do and it’s especially not easy to do at a crowded bar on a Wednesday night in downtown Manhattan. So, I looked down at the flyer and my heart sank. It said the following:

The Elevator Pitch

Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer based in Seattle,
Washington. Having worked on over three hundred albums, Loren has also
worked on numerous television, film, video game and radio productions,
from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to Seattle. Loren is also the
founder of Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC, and the author of the
Freedom Solutions Recording Plan.

the_elevator_pitchPeople tend to want plenty of time to explain themselves, their sound, their vision, their goals and anything else that has to do with them. People like to share as much information as possible. They feel they need to explain as much as possible when it comes to getting a fan, finding a label, a manager, an agent, etc.

However, the fast pitch, the one liner, the quick explanation or the elevator pitch is the most effective way to present yourself. It shows consideration for the person to whom you are pitching, and it proves your overall organization and professionalism.

It is understandable that you want to use as much time and as many words to describe yourself, your goals and your abilities, but when it comes down to it, you need to remember a lot of others are doing the same exact thing. The more professional your presentation, the better you will be heard and the better impression you will leave.