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Indie Band Tunng Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

tunng2k10The U.K.’s Tunng always seems to be in a constant state of transition, being a band that believes in musical experimentation with a lineup that’s done a bit of changing over the years. In fact, the band’s fourth full-length, …And Then We Saw Land (which came out this month on Thrill Jockey), was made with a new lyricist, lead vocalist and sounds not heard on previous albums. It’s just another chapter in the ever-changing world of Tunng. The band will be hitting the European festival circuit this summer while it promotes the new release on tour. Check out this mix tape that multi-instrumentalist Phil Winter made for MAGNET.

TUNNG Set US Release Date for New Album on Thrill Jockey Records

tunng2k10We’re beside ourselves with excitement to announce the return of twisted pop wonders Tunng. The London-based band is set to release their fourth album – …And Then We Saw Land – April 2010 on indie record label, Thrill Jockey Records, and it promises to be their best yet.

Since last we saw them, the band have been on adventures both personal (Mike went to India, Ashley moved to Somerset) and shared – such as their ten-day voyage of discovery with Malian desert bluesmen Tinariwen, a unique collaboration that aimed to fuse the sounds of the two bands together. An experience that helped shape Tunng’s approach to the new album, “We learned that you don’t always need structure! As long as there is presence, emotion and groove. It taught us that everything is open and adaptable…”