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Why TweetMeme is Staying Strong Against Official Twitter Button

Do you have a music blog or a blog for your band and are searching for an easy way to market it? Add a tweet button to your posts. Tweetmeme was the featured retweet button used by blogs until Twitter decided to get into the RT game and released their own button.

This had bloggers like us wondering which one was the best to use. Which one displayed better on Twitter? Would the official button offer better results?

Indie Bands: Use Social Media to Help Sell Your Music

Your band has created a website and has applied all the content available for your fans to enjoy.  Now you’re wondering what else you can do to help sell your music. Sign up and stay active on social networks.

That’s right… Posting what you had for dinner on the road, new tour dates, posts on your blog and all the content you have actually can help sell your music. Believe it or not, that type of content is appealing to fans and interested buyers of your music.

How does this help sell music?

How New Twitter Can Help Indie Artists

twitterRecently, Twitter announced a redesign to the site that will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Besides, have a new design to help manage their profiles, artists can now apply multimedia and their applied content will have more of an impact.

The new design offers a stream similar to a  Facebook feed. Is that a bad thing? No. Users will be able to view tweets and multimedia a lot easier, making artist’s tweets more impactful.

Now when you click on a band’s tweet with the new update, related content will also be displayed in the details pane. The related content will be based on the profile and/or the subject of the tweet.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts in One Place with Hootsuite has made it easy to manage your social networks and keep your sanity doing it. The site offers more than just a website link shortener for users to utilize.

The Twitter focused site lets you add and update your social networks including Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Myspace and

This site has recently streamlined its interface to make it easier to use. You can now customize your streams, tabs and columns on the dashboard.

New Media Pioneer: Steven L. Lubetkin from

ProfPod2LogoColorThe Professional Podcasts offer a broad range of public relations and communications services to help clients enhance their professional image. We have extensive expertise in new media technologies and “social media” such as blogging, podcasting, social network sites, and microblogging tools like Twitter.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) I’m a former corporate PR guy. Left the corporate world at the end of 2004, and realized after listening to many podcasts that there was a lot of poor quality production being done. I had background in radio, and know how to produce and edit news stories for radio. I learned digital tools and began focusing on podcasting as the core competency of my consultancy.

Indie Artists Promote Each Other on

headlinerfm_logoAttention indie  bands and artists, wants to help you connect with other musicians and ultimately reach new fans and better promote your music. The website is a “promotion exchange” for bands and artists to help build awareness for each other.

Bands who sign-up on Headliner are able to join forces with and promote other bands on each other’s Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace profiles. Members are rewarded a number of “band bucks” (proportionate to how many followers they have on their social media sites) which can be used to buy requests from other bands to give your band promotion on their social media profiles.

Twitter For Musicians

twitter_mp3Twitter is a great tool for musicians to market their music, but many musicians are unsure how it can be helpful to them. The typical musician spends much of their time being musically creative, but many musicians who should be using Twitter to market their music aren’t sure where to start or how to use it to its full potential.

Luckily, Twitter is simple and easy. The only work that really needs putting in is a little thought and some time on a regular basis, and I’d like to share a few ways that this popular social network can supercharge your music career:

Find New Fans of Your Music

Many people are on Twitter these days – and many of them are music fans that live in your town, and the cities you visit. With Twitter’s search function, you can find local music lovers who enjoy the style of music that you play. Twitter also allows for two-way communication via replies and direct messages, so you have the opportunity to make true connections.

Unsigned Musicians – Six Ways to Market Your Music

FacebookTwitterIn an ideal world, the music is all that would matter. You would play and the legions of fans would come. This is not, unfortunately, an ideal world, which means that you need to market yourself if you want to be successful. Fortunately, we are living in a time when marketing your music and yourself has never been easier. The Internet has brought the whole world closer together, and this has made it easier and cheaper to both contact your fans and potential fans as well as made it easy to give them a wide variety of stuff to sell. But marketing can seem overwhelming, so here are six ways to market yourself and your music:

Have an Online Presence