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Indie Band Fen to Take “Trails Out of Gloom” to Venues Across Vancouver

Trails_Cover_hi_res.1The dark and brooding sights and sounds of Fen will be on full display this Autumn throughout the greater Vancouver area. An announcement came down from the Fen higher up’s this week with a list of live dates that the band will be performing in October in conjunction with the release of their critically-acclaimed album Trails Out of Gloom.

“These dates allow us to fine tune our live performance and make Fen that much better prepared for any future live opportunities that may arise,” stated front-man Doug Harrison.

In addition to the live shows, Fen‘s debut single, “Find That One,” has generated strong interest from the listeners of the Aural Tentacles Show hosted by DJ Pierre on CITR 101.9 MHZ, as well as WVBR 93.5 (NY), WKGB 92.5 (NY), WEOS 89.7 (NY), WKZQ 96.1 (SC), WCHZ 95 Rock (GA), WRN (NE), CILU 102.7 FM (ON), SRN Media Works (ON),, KHTR 104.3 (WA), KFEB 107.5 (MO), WJZJ 105.5 (MI), WPNH 100.1 (NH), KLHI 92.5 (HI), KOTO 105.5 (CO), WRN Network, WRIR (VA).