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Independent Artists: It’s Still About Networking and Promoting

If you’re trying to find a new band member, promote your latest release or your upcoming gig, expanding your network and promoting is the key to success. You can’t be content with your current fan base or the current venues you play in if you want to be heard.

What can you do to keep your music career moving forward?

Have an aggressive plan on social networks: Build a bond with your fans who are the core of your success on Facebook or Twitter. Let them know day-to-day events or ask them where they would like to see you play. The time you spend online can go along way with music fans. has Launched, Sign Up to Claim a Spot

diytouringPay attention touring (and hoping to tour) indie artists! Hop onto right now to sign up for an easier road ahead. is the most comprehensive database of venues across the nation.

Whether you’re an acoustic one man show looking for the best coffee shops with open doors to your kind or you’re the most brutal metal band around, has information for you to make booking a virtual breeze.

Partnering with Veil Arms Clothing to offer additional services, the site itself offers a myriad of information on venues ranging from basements and churches to clubs and coffee shops, whatever your band prefers. Not only are the venues listed in an orderly fashion but the establishments themselves have donated their contact information to the site so say goodbye to cold calling! You’re now a part of the same network making connections all the more easy.

Discover New Indie Artists on

gigzeeWouldn’t it have been great to have heard Nirvana play at Seattle’s Crocodile Café before they were ‘discovered’ by record labels? Imagine that experience – raw, unadulterated musical passion! You, a few other fans and the band! –

This is the experience hopes to help fans accomplish when they sign-up to their Web site. The site provides a database that offers information about bands who are playing at a local venue(s).

The Web site is setup to “take care of publicizing your gigs on all the top music websites.” The site allows artists to expose information about their bands and where they are playing in the future.

Stop wasting time updating your gig schedule on multiple websites,” the founder(s) explain on the site.