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Search Engine Optimization Needs To Be Employed By Indie Artists

domainpicIndependent artists need to purchase their own Web site domain name. This is imperative for indie artists, because the link to their site is what they need to employ in order to utilize search engine optimization.

For example, their Web site link needs to be posted on other Web sites, forums, blogs and message boards. Basically, this is similar to posting flyers all over the cities where they are playing shows. Every flyer seen and picked up is another potential fan that the band attracts.

By applying this method, indie artists are strengthening their page rank status, according to search engines. The artist’s Web site is more likely to be on the first page of searches when a person types in the artist’s name in a search engine such as Google, or Yahoo.

The site’s content needs to be designed with keywords, so search engine crawlers can efficiently index the site. Of course, more occurs behind the scenes when designing a site to utilize SEO.

An important fact that artists need to realize is that they are free to manage the content that is applied to their site such as: updates, the design and the merchandise being sold. The content is regulated by their own standards, period.