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Free Indie Music Download: Verbicide Select Mixtape Vol. 5

VerbicideMagazine_select5Available now for FREE DOWNLOAD, Verbicide Select Mixtape Volume 5 is their collection of the best and most popular tracks featured on in the past six weeks.

The website’s newest mixtape is our lengthiest yet — 14 tracks (and one bonus track) that will appeal to fans with a wide range of musical taste. Featuring music from CocoRosie, Sia, Little Brother, Slug and Murs, Amanda Palmer, BLK JKS, and much more! is the online successor to the print magazine Verbicide, an independent entertainment periodical co-published via Scissor Press by founding editor Jackson Ellis and creative director Nathaniel Pollard, according to their website. Beneficial Application for Indie Bands

facebook-me-Have you wanted a customized design for your indie band’s Facebook page? A handful of designers sat in a room hours before Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference and created an application to have your data transition into a blog-type profile currently called The application is based on Facebook’s new Open Graph API.

How do I connect to

You can connect your profile to the application with your permission. Information such as status updates, photos and more from your profile are updated to through the app.

Sell Rap Beats

lansonic-modIt is very possible to sell your beats online and make money from your hard work. There a quite a few people who believe making money online selling their beats is not possible and I want to offer some clarification as to the possibility of making money with your beats. Since we are in the internet age selling rap beats is much easier than it has ever been in the history of the music industry. The internet has made it possible for you to make a lot of money without being ‘signed’ as a producer on any label.

In the past in order to make money from your rap beats you would need to be signed to a label and work with the artist on that label or you would have to network continuously with rappers and upcoming artists so you could provide tracks for them. The internet has eliminated the need for all of that by giving you the ability to put your music in front of people that are searching for rap beats. The phrase rap beats is searched over three hundred thousand times a month and ‘beats’ is searched over five million times a month. These searches represent potential customers for your services.

How to Get Your First Professional Gig – And Establish Yourselves As a Sought After Band

soriamoria_3You’ve just come together as a band and you’re ready to gig. But when you approach clubs to play they want to know where you’ve played in their market before and what kind of draw you usually bring. (Draw means how many paying fans usually come to one of your shows.)

If you’re a new band then your answer would be “we haven’t played before so we don’t really know how many paying fans will come.” And you know what will happen with that answer. They’ll tell you to come back when you have a fan base.

You’re thinking, “Yeah, but we’re such a great band your customers will love us.” The reality is clubsdon’t have customers, bands have customers. People go to a certain club to see a certain band. They don’t go to the Club X instead of Club Y because of the club; they go there because of the band that will be playing.

Are Independent Music Artists Gradually Becoming Dependent Music Artists?

As more indie artists gravitate toward new web services in mass, I often wonder about the individualism of the independent artist movement and where it will eventually end up.

dependent artist-unemployment lineWith new web services springing up to cater to the needs of artists by the day, it is becoming less practical for artists to spend money to update and maintain a personal web page. Nowadays with many budgets running tight, I can understand why many artists are cutting costs by signing up for a new web service instead.

To my dismay, the band | artist website is fast becoming an afterthought instead of the standard prerequisite. The ones I do find are often abandoned, rarely updated or left for dead in some obscure corner of the internet. Most just provide links to other popular web services on the net where they can be found as members.

So, why I am concerned? Web services that cater to Independent Artists should be great news!

For starters, here is a clipping form an article I read recently