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Indie Artist Kina Grannis Announces Fall U.S. Headlining Tour

Kina GrannisKina Grannis announced her upcoming fall headlining tour of the US on the heels of a sold-out headlining US tour this spring that included a Lilith Fair date on July 16th in St. Louis, MO.

In addition to her successful spring tour, she made her National TV debut with a live performance on CBS The Early Show on June 19th and was noted by both the New York Times and WNYC Soundcheck.

The indie artist has been making inroads in the pop music world thanks to her incredible following on YouTube where her channel has more than 189,000 subscribers and more than 43 million total views.

Introducing Indie Artist Jackson Harris

JacksonHarrisJackson Harris is paving his way into the Pop/Rock indie music scene in New York City. His cover and video for Jay-Z’s song “Empire State of Mind” are getting thousands of views on YouTube.

The indie artist’s take on the hip-hop song is fresh and endearing. Justin Bieber even featured Harris’s video for “Empire State of Mind” on his Buzznet page, and the video was recommended by a fashion blogger on YouTube.

Harris’s original song “Long Story Short” seems to be his own personal anthem. Lyrics such as “taking the road less traveled” and “living my life like I’m dying” show his desire to carve his own path.

Indie Singer Emii Pushes Up EP Release Date

EmiiDue to the overwhelming success of the single “Magic,” Emii is releasing her debut 5 song E.P. on May 25th.

The indie artist’s hit single “Magic” is being played on radio stations around the country. With KISS FM reaching over 100 million on-air listeners and her music video reaching over 1.3 million views, being played on MTV’s LOGO NewNowNext PopLab and being featured on MSN Popaholics, which receives over 40 million unique monthly visitors.

“Magic” took the #1 spot for Musicians on YouTube for the week, #3 spot for Music, and the #22 spot for Most Viewed Overall videos. The video was also #6 as Top Favorites in Music and #40 Top Favorites Overall. The video made such an impression that even Lady Gaga and Rihanna subscribed to Emii’s YouTube channel!

Social Media Overview

social_media_icons_20Social media is the buzz phrase of the web today, however, ask any two web professionals what “social media” actually is and you will get two differing answers. In fact, social media means different things to different people including the most important group of all, the users.

Users are bringing change to the web because of how their web surfing habits are evolving. This is leading to new and creative ways to satisfy the changing demands for how information and content is searched and used.

Social Media Defined

The World Wide Web was conceived as a medium for information exchange between users, however, it is only with the advent of Social Media innovations this has become reality for ordinary users as individuals and collectives including businesses. Social Media is not defined by “What It Is” but more by “What It Does” – it is the enablement of any user to share information whether uploading it to the web for others or viewing and downloading content for their own use.

Emii Takes #1 Spot On YouTube for “Magic” Music Video

EmiiSinger and dynamite performer, Emii, released her new music video for“Magic” and has reached over 650,000 views in a single day. “Magic” took the #1 spot for Music on YouTube for the day and the #6 spot for overall videos. The video made such an impression that even Lady Gaga andRihanna subscribed to Emii’s YouTube channel!

Emii’s first single “Magic” is now available on iTunes. You can purchase it here.

Her newly recorded album shows off her powerhouse vocals and her ability to get the whole world dancing.“Magic” is a fun, sexy song that begs the timeless question: Is he the right one for me? Where tracks like “My Zombie Boyfriend” unleash Emii’s angst over falling for the wrong guy. “Stiletto” is a dance track that cranks an undeniable beat about 7″ designer heels that boys cannot resist.  “I loved writing these songs because of the challenge of translating what I was feeling into the melodies and lyrics” says Emii.

Indie Band Ahimsa Sunrise Debut EP Save It, Available Via iTunes

ahimsaFresh off three performance at SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas, hanging at the Alternative Press Magazineparty with idol Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Ahimsa Sunrise released their music video for “Save It” in support of their upcoming (same titled) album release which is available on iTunes.  The band also will be featured in the May issue of Alternative Press Magazine as “Unsigned Band Of The Month.”

The music video for “Save It” can be seen here:

The band has already self-released their debut EP “The Unseen Realm” in 2008 and their album “Viceroy and The Monarch” in late 2005.

YouTube’s MusiciansWanted Vows to Make Indies Rich

“Don’t get signed,” might be the perfect rallying cry for a new generation of indie-by-choice musicians. The words come from Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose, speaking from the homepage of YouTube’s newest initiative, MusiciansWanted.

Jack and Nataly are telling artists not to sign with a major label. Instead, DIY kids can generate their own revenue streams through indie resources like MusiciansWanted.

youtubemusicianswantedWhat’s the Deal?

YouTube announced the launch of MusiciansWanted this week at SXSW. The service allows indie bands to apply to the YouTube Partner Program, which has been doing amazing things for video posters ever since its launch two years ago. The YPP allows people who post videos on YouTube to earn nominal revenue off advertising. The more people watch a video (and the accompanying ads) the more money a poster makes.

Now, YouTube is offering indie bands the chance to become a major part of this program. If an artist’s application is accepted, they’ll be able to add tour dates and sell merch on their video page. And the sweetest plum of all? according to Wired, unlike regular YPP members, MusiciansWanted artists will receive the majority of ad revenue earned from people watching their videos, paid out on a monthly basis.