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Canadian Indies SitDownTracy Release Roaring Noon

Anatomy of a Kickass First Album

sitdowntracyOkay, so Roaring Noon isn’t SitDownTracy’s first album. They released a demo in the summer of 2008, but for an indie band, having a full-length EP to perform and tour with is essential. Recently, I spoke to band member Janelle Mailhot about what went into creating the album, and, not surprisingly, in the end it all came down to the basics: art, love, and analog.

AS: How did SitDownTracy come to the decision to record a full-length album, and what other professionals did youenlist to help you put Roaring Noon together? Did you have a lot of support?

JM: An old college instructor of mine was incredibly supportive of my musical aspirations, and suggested I see his friend, Dan Donahue, who has been performing and producing since he was in his 20s. Dan’s mentor was Daniel Lanois, and they share a preference for analog over digital recording, which lends itself wonderfully to the warm yet live sound we were going for. We purposely left tiny mistakes and talking in the final mix, because we wanted a true representation of our live performance.

Internet Music Marketing – More Sales, Less Work!

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Getting Fans to Promote for You!

If you’ve ever received a fan message from anyone on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or a similar page and didn’t respond, you’re losing out big time. If someone takes the time out to send you a message explaining how much they enjoy your music, they will more than likely do your Internet music marketing for you if you offer them a percentage of sales they bring you. You can ask them to add your music to their page, videos, banners, and anything else you can think of. This will get you maximum exposure in the fastest time because you’re not doing all the work yourself and you’re using your fans as affiliates to make more money for both of you.

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